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Jun. 15th, 2009

Oh wow!! I worked out today for the 1st time in like FOREVER and I'm just dying haha serves me right. Well my weekend rocked and consisted of chicago style stuffed pizza,cupcakes soda beer and in and out SOOO yah wasn't too happy when I got on the scale 158.2 :(  SOOOO not acceptable that's ALMOST a full 4lbs In what 6 days!!! that's not good..Sooo anyway I'm gonna work super hard this week. I'm REALLY REALLY hoping that also some of it has to do w/ pre-period bloat next week is when that lovely mess starts.

Food Log:
3 Pineapple Spears: 81 Calories
Hot Cocoa: 120 Calories
16.9fl Oz Sugar Free Kool Aid: 10 Calories
WW Lasanga: 300 Calories

Calories By 1:00pm: 511 Calories

Workout Out:

 Calories Burnt: 243
Fat Calories Burnt: 76
Tredmill: 2.7mph-40 Mins

OMG I bout pee'd my pants when I got on the scale today I got on thinking okay what crappy number am I gonna get today cause I figured I got my lowest yesterday so I figured it prob went up a 1lb or 2 ANYWAYYYYY It said 154.6 OMG OMG OMG It feels SOOO good after being stuck for 7mo's at the same weight and than gaining like 4 more on top of it I am so happy. In that sense..the other stuff in life is still pretty bleak and his a all time low today when he called and said some very hurtful things to me. but I'm trying to move on. I wanted this all to end like adults and be able to interact but obviously that's not how it's going to be. So that means I've lost 7.2lbs!!!

Food Log:
Cupcake: 400 Calories

Wow this morning SUCKED from a love life point of view or lack of I guess you could say..anyway scale wise it was nice.
155.8..Well I started the SEMI Fruit Cleanse Thing it's gonna be kinda a wing it deal cause I am still dealing w/ all the emotional backlash from my break-up so I know right now i'm craving a cupcake BIG time Uggh!! Damn comfort food why do you have to be so bad for me.

Food Log:

 Apple,Grape And Cheese Bowl: 300 Calories
Cupcake:400 Calories
LC Garlic Chicken Pizza: 340 Calories
WW Key Lime PIe: 190 Calories
Diet Pepsi: 0 Calories

Total Calories For The Day:
1230 Calories
Hmm a little more than I wanted for a semi fruit cleansy thing but I did okay I guess..I mean that's still not THAT bad..Alot more calories than what I had been having. The past week.

Jun. 7th, 2009

Okay scale says
157.6 OMG I should be happy but i'm so upset since it had said 155.8 like 3 days ago IF that. That's freaking 1.8lbs in less than a week :( I'm just so upset with the whole thing. It's such a freaking struggle.

OMG I'm soo upset I got on the scale this morning and it said 157.4!! ALCOHOL Is EVIL! I can't belive it but than the fact just 2 days ago I freaking was up 1/2lb This is such a horrible feeling so I need to get my ass in gear tomorrow i'm gonna do a all liquid diet/fruit cleanse and I know some of  you don't belive in this that's fine you don't have to...but I need to get this back under control and just doing that 1 day of the fruit cleanse and well not eating cause of the break up I lost 6lbs in 2wks..so gonna do 3 days of the fruit/liquid than stick strickly to ww meals and workout 40mis on the tred and do my free weights EVERYDAY

UUGH I got on the scale this morning and says I am now 156.4 WTH?! Why does y body hate me and does all this back and forth crap I know i shouldn't weigh everyday but I swear i'm so bloated today it's not even funny and Idk why?!?! Anyway I have a horrible headache and wanna cry.

Jun. 3rd, 2009

Woke up this morning and got on the scale and it said 155.8 OMG I feel like a catch 22 on this cause it's like great i'm losing weight but worried because it's not in a healthy way that it's all gonna pile back on. But I can't belive it in a 2 week period I have lost 6lbs!!! Now i'm craving in and out today soo hard core I don't know why prob cause of the whole comfort food aspect and that i'm still just soo exhausted from everything it seems so easy..Uggh..I know i've only been consuming AT MOST if my calculations are wrong in the past few days 900 calories I really don't want my body to go totally into shut down mode and screw me up terribly Soo maybe In and out wouldn't be such a bad idea since i am only usually eating 1 meal a day..right now cause it seems to be all my stomach can tolerate. WOW am I enabling myself or what NOT GOOD!! 

Food Log:
In And Out #2: 880 Calories
Diet Pepsi: 0 Calories
Ice Cream Cone: 150 Calories
2 Apple Pies From Mcdonalds: 500 Calories

Total Calories For The Day:  1530 Calories

HOLY SHIT!!! Yah okay it was nice to have some food and not get sick from it but that's outta control the amount of calories I consumed.

May. 18th, 2009

Okay so i'm gonna do a mini fruit cleanse this week try to get my body reved up again..gonna basically do fruit for breakfast,lunch and snacks and have a WW micro meal for dinner..I know i can do it it's the working out part i'm having issues with of getting the motivation to get up on the tredmill and get moving I hate i've lost all my motivation I was doing soo good getting up at 6am on  my daughters school days and working out before taking her to school and than on the other days as soon as I got outta bed getting into my workout clothes and getting on the tredmill..Arrgh I really need to find that motivation again!!

Well according to the scale my starting weight for today will be....

Seriously Idk how in 4 days I could have gone up 1.8lbs ?!! I know that my monthly friend is due this upcoming weekend but is that stupid to think I could be bloating already from it ?!?!

Getting Back On

Tomorrow It's back on the diet/work out wagon cause as of right now my honey is coming on the 8th of June that gives me 3 weeks..Okay Soo you think I could lose 6lbs by than ?? I got on the scale today and it was 160.0 ARRGH Soo pretty much gained .6lbs back why is my body so damn stubborn! Is that unreasonable 6lbs in 3 weeks? So tomorrow gotta go shopping after I drop the kiddo off gonna set my alarm for 6am to get my work out outta the way before I take her..so that way I can press the snooze till 6:15 Lol.
Okay been MIA yet again Savannah getting sick than going away kinda has kicked me off the bus and I'm trying to get back on..I'm hoping to get back on it by Tomorrow but luckily I haven't gained my WHOLE pound back my weight said 159.6 Yesterday morning. Soo hoping no more creeps back on..Soo hopefully Tomorrow I get back on.



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