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My Diet Journal

I'm A Skinny Girl In A Fat Suit!

2 August
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Hi There :) I'm A 27yr Old Mother On A Mission To FINALLY Lose The Rest Of This Weight.Well Anyway I Am Here To Hopefully Inspire If I Accomplish What I'm Here For And To Learn..So I Don't Need Someone Coming Onto My Personal Journal Telling Me All That I'm Doing Wrong From Their Point Of View. I'm Human And I'm Going To Eat Like One And Ya Probably Slip Up So If That Is All You Are Wanting To Do Is Discourage Than You Can Just Push The Back Button On Your Browser.So Too Keep Me From Falling Into The Rut Of Bad Eating Habits Again I Wanted To Start This Journal To Make Myself Responsible For My Eating And Daily Activity Choices..I Really Am A Caring Fun Person That Would Love To Meet People Going Through This Journey Also So Feel Free To Add Me :)

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